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The Dancing Democracy: The Power of the Third Eye

by Prakash A. Raj. Photographs by Min Bajracharya.

When the Seven Party Alliance called for a four-day strike starting from 6 April 2006, the anniversary of Nepal's 1990 Jana Andolan, on one could have foreseen what would ensue. The protest brought hundreds of thousands on the streets, and family resulted in a victory for the proletariat and democracy.

As history is being made in Nepal, Prakash A. Raj takes a look at the main actors on the country's political stage -- the monarch, the political parties, the Maoists, the international community -- and analyses what happened in Nepal and why. He probes such questions as whether Nepal will become a republic or a ceremonial monarchy, who will control the Royal Nepalese Army and whether the Maoists will join the mainstream politics or will try and capture power.

Interspersed with striking photographs of the demonstrations held recently in Nepal, and how the power of the people prevailed. A must-read for anyone interested in south Asian politics.

A well-known writer, Prakash A. Raj is the author of Kay Gardeko? The Royal Massacre in Nepal. He comes from the family of Nepal's Royal Preceptors and his association with the ruling family dates back to the period of King Mahendra. Having studied and worked both in this country and abroad, he currently lives in Nepal.

Paperback. 148 pages. 40 photographs.
Weight: 170 g (6 oz).
Item No: 8129109468.
Price: $US3.00. . Convert Currency



Bhutan ***

Royal Bhutan

by Ram Rhaul

A short political history of the kingdom of Bhutan.

Hardcover. 101 pages. B&W illustrations. Bibliography; index.
Item No 8125902325.
Price: $US 4.00. . Convert Currency

*** India ***

An Autobiography, or The Story of My Experiments with Truth

by Mohandas K Gandhi

This fascinating autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, India's great pacifist leader, recounts the story of his life (up to 1921) and tells how he developed the concept of satyagraha, or active non-violent resistance, which inspired the Indian independence struggle and many other non-violent movements of the 20th Century. The book shows the greatness of this man as revealed in honest self-reflection and is one of the greatest autobiographies ever written.

Paperback. 420 pages.
Weight: 320 g (11.2 oz).
Item No: 817229008X.
Price: $US1.00. . Convert Currency


The Discovery of India

by Jawaharlal Nehru

This book was written by Nehru (who was later to be the first Prime Minister of India) during his imprisonment by the British in Ahmadnagar Fort in 1944. He explains the glorious intellectual and spiritual traditions of India; the tragic decline in India's fortunes under British rule; and the need for a liberation struggle. Essential reading for an understanding of modern India.

Paperback. 582 pages. Index.
Weight: 620 g (21.7 oz).
Item No: 185613228.
Price: $US 2.00. . Convert Currency


Gandhi the Man

By Eknath Easwaran

A revealing expose on the personal life of this great leader and politician.

Paperback. 184 pages. Index.
Weight: 370 g (13 oz).
Item No: 8172245173.
Price: $US 2.75. . Convert Currency


Guns and Yellow Roses: Essays On The Kargil War

Edited by Sankarshan Thakur

A critical discussion of the current conflict in Indian-administered Kashmir known as the Kargil War. Alternative versions and views of the situation are presented.

Paperback. 246 pages. B&W illustrations.
Item No: 8172233736.
Price: $US 4.50. . Convert Currency

It Was Five Past Midnight in Bhopal

by Dominque Lapierre & Javier Moro

It was five past midnight on the night of 3rd December 1984. A terrifying cloud of toxic gas escaped from an American pesticide plant set in the heart of the ancestral India city of Bhopal. Killing between 16,000 and 30,000 and injuring 500,000 people, it was the most murderous industrial disaster in history.

This book recounts the poignant human and technological adventure leading up to the tragedy. Hundreds of characters, situations and adventures are telescoped into this fresco full of love, heroism, faith and hope. A real tragedy of crucial relevance to our times, which is also a warning to all those sorcerer's apprentices who threaten the future of our planet.


Paperback. 376 pages.
Weight: 550 g (19.3 oz).
Item No: 8176210919.
Price: $US 5.50. . Convert Currency


Looking to the Future: Indo-Nepal Relations in Perspective

Edited by Lok Raj Baral

Hardback. 227 pages.
New Delhi, Anmol Publications, 1996.
Weight: 440 g (15.4 oz).
Item No: 8174781948.
Price: $US 6.95. . Convert Currency


Nepal, India: Democracy in the Making of Mutual Trust

by Dinesh Bhattarai and Pradip Khatiwada

Hardback. 320 pages. B&W illustrations. Bibliography.
Weight: 535 g (18.7 oz).
Item No: 8185693366.
Price: $US 6.75. . Convert Currency


*** Nepal ***

For books on Nepal's Maoist rebellion, click here

Administration and Politics in a Nepalese Town: The Study of a District Capital and its Environs

by Lionel Caplan

Hardback. 266 pages. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 675 g (23.6 oz).
Item No: 0197135854.
Price: $US 5.95. . Convert Currency


Bleeding Mountains of Nepal

By Aditya Man Shrestha

A wide-ranging study of corruption, greed, mismanagement and misuse of power and resources in Nepal during the pell-mell developments of the past fifty years.

Divided into six different parts, this book contains 97 chapters each of which revolves around some sort of corruption that bleed Nepal. The situation is examined from the social, economic and geographical perspectives.

The author was the winner of a Mitsubishi Award for Asian Journalism in 1980.

"Wide-ranging study... particularly helpful to those who want to write, study and research on corruption and mismanagement in Nepal" -- The Independent (Kathmandu)

Paperback. 280 pages. B&W illustrations. Bibliography.
Weight: 325 g (11.4 oz).
Item No: 9993319023.
Price: $US4.25. . Convert Currency


The Buddha Cries! Karmapa Conundrum

by Anil Maneshwari

This is the story of the 14 year old boy, Ugyen Trinley Dorje, who is claimed to be the 17th reincarnation of the Karmapa Lama, fleeing Tibet via Nepal and arriving in India, asking for asylum.

As the Karmapa Lama is the most senior spiritual authority recognised by both the Chinese and the Dalai Lama, his sudden and secret departure from Tibet represents a major blow and embarrassment to China in its attempts to pacify Tibet and control Tibetan religion.

Paperback. 267 pages. B&W and colour illustrations. Bibliography.
Weight: 350 g (12.3 oz).
Item No: 8174763058.
Price: $US4.75. . Convert Currency


Class, State, and Struggle in Nepal: Writings 1989-1995

by Stephen Lawrence Mikesell

This comprehensive collection of writings on class, struggle and the state in Nepal flows out of the author's commitment to a reflexive, socially engaged anthropology and raises issues widely pertinent to developmental, political and cultural processes in the subcontinent.

Hardcover. 326 pages. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 480 g (16.8 oz).
Item No: 81730427675.
Price: $US13.75. . Convert Currency


Comparative Electoral Processes in South Asia

Edited by D.R. Panday, A.Aditya, D.R. Dahal

Nepal South Asia Centre was established with the objective of promoting South Asia as a community and seving thereby the aspirations of the Nepali people for peace, cooperation and development in Nepal and the region.

Hardback. 210 pages.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: N000023473.
Price: $US2.75. .. Convert Currency


Conflict Resolution & Governance in Nepal

Edited by Ananda P. Sreshta and Hari Uprety

From the Introduction:
"Nepal has faced numerous challenges in governance matters at a crucial time in its history. Just as it needed to consolidate the democratic gains it has made over the years, various underlying conflicts have manifested themselves and opened up deep wounds in the society. Political instability and weak governance have bred and given continuity to economic and social inequality, urban/rural disparity and marginalisation of minority politics making it a huge challenge for the political sector to handle. The seven year Maoist People's War has been brought to a cease-fire providing an opportunity to resolve these conflicts in a peaceful manner. The Maoist peace overture needs to be capitalized by all the political actors so that democratic consolidation can go ahead on its normal course. At the same time, the political sector needs to commit itself not to let a politics of confrontation take over everyday governance tasks. In other words, these conflicts need to be identified on their own merit and resolution strategies adopted. Peace is the overriding need of the day.

New approaches to governance lay increasing emphasis on ordered transformation rather than chaos, management of competition and distributional conflicts rather than coercion and enforced consensus and the delivery of public goods to the general public rather than deliberate exhortations of exclusionary impulses. The importance of governance for many developing countries like Nepal is, therefore, already enormous, because irresolution of the problems of poverty, inequality and alienation offerconditions for combative politics. Nepal needs a successful development, a development that is both just and sustainable. It needs sturdy democratic institutions and a vibrant civil society to articulate the sovereign power of the public."

Paperback. 244 pages.
Weight: 400 g (14 oz).
Item No: 99933-772-8-7.
Price: $US3.50. .. Convert Currency


Contemporary Nepal

Edited by Pashupati Shumshere J.B. Rana and Dwarika Nath Dhungel

This book presents 13 articles by several well-known authors on different aspects of today's Nepal, including: the land, people, history, culture, foreign policy, administrative system, environment and development situation, economy, the non-government organisations, and women.

Hardcover. 266 pages. Index.
Weight: 620 g (21.7 oz).
Item No: 8125904115.
Price: $US10.50. . Convert Currency


Crisis of Identity in Nepal

by Prakash A. Raj

Paperback. 127 pages. Maps. Appendix. Glossary. Bibliography.
Weight: 190 g (6.7 oz).
Item No: 8177695002.
Price: $US 3.50. . Convert Currency


Democracy Without Roots

by Jan Sharma. Edited by Phoebe Folger.

The introduction of democracy in Nepal in 1990 has generated a new enthusiasm in Nepali society for openness and debate. With freedom of expression guaranteed by the new Constitution, there exists a commitment on the part of a broad section of society to get its points across, if not to redefine contemporary history itself. These are symptoms of a vibrant democratic society attempting to discover itself.
This book is a laudable effort to place the records of the current transitional phase into perspective. It will probably not be the last word on the subject. Hopefully, it will encourage, or be followed by, others with varying interpretation of events and thus continue to offer our society a lucid picture of the Nepalese as they are today.

Paperback. 332 pages.
Weight: 385 g (13.5 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-111-8.
Price: $US5.00. . Convert Currency



Janata Ko Ghosana Patra (The People's Manifesto - Part One)

by Sanjeev Satyal

Paperback. 216 pages. Nepali text.
Weight: 225 g (7.9 oz).
Item No: N000005134.
Price: $US 2.95. . Convert Currency


June 1st: A Royal Tragedy

Photographs by Gopal Chitrakar

This book records the unimaginable events of the massacre of 1st June 2001 at the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, Kathmandu in which many members of the Nepalese Royal Family were killed. The memory of the untimely deaths of the popular King Birendra, his consort Queen Aishwarya and other members or his Royal Family remains fresh in the minds of their Nepali subjects.

The photographer, Gopal Chitrakar, has here skillfully recorded the events of this tragedy.

Hardback. Colour photographs.
Weight: 750 g (26.3 oz).
Item No: 9993339210.
Price: $US 13.25. . Convert Currency


Kathmandu Spring: The People's Movement of 1990

by Kiyoko Ogura

On 20 January 1990, the outlawed political parties of Nepal declared the launch of an agitation to overthrow the monarchical Panchayat system and re-establish democracy. They chose to begin their movement on 18 February, the same day that the Rana regime had capitulated 40 years earlier. The Movement for the Restoration of Democracy came under strong attack from the king's government. But, ultimately, the people's will prevailed, and on 8 April, King Birendra lifted the ban on political parties and initiated steps towards establishing a parliamentary form of governance. This book provides a blow-by-blow account of the 60 days that ushered democracy's second coming in Nepal. Kiyoko Ogura has reconstructed this history from interviews with more than a 1000 individuals who were at the vortex of events to tell the story of how democracy was won by the people of Nepal.

The author, Kiyoko Ogura, lives in Nepal as a correspondent for the Tokyo-based Asia Press International.

Paperback. 232 pages. B&W photographs. Glossary; pull-out map.
Weight: 240 g (8.4 oz).
Item No 9993313092
Price: Price: $US4.50. . Convert Currency



The King Versus the People

by Bhesh Jung Badal

Discusses the Nepali constitution and constitutional developments in Nepal in the 19th century.

Paperback. 151 pages. B&W illustrations.
Weight: 170 g (6 oz).
Item No: N00004029.
Price: $US2.95. . Convert Currency


Looking to the Future: Indo-Nepal Relations in Perspective

Edited by Lok Raj Baral

Hardback. 227 pages.
Weight: 440 g (15.4 oz).
Item No: 8174781948.
Price: $US6.95. . Convert Currency


Nepal: A Study of Socio-Economic and Political Change

by T R Vaidya

Thoroughly original and authorative, the book will remain a significant contribution to the general reader interested in Nepalese history.

Hardback. 232 pages.
Weight: 390 g (13.7 oz).
Item No: 8170416809.
Price: $US7.00. . Convert Currency


Nepal, India: Democracy in the Making of Mutual Trust

by Dinesh Bhattarai and Pradip Khatiwada

Hardback. 320 pages. B&W illustrations. Bibliography
Weight: 535 g (18.7 oz).
Item No: 8185693366.
Price: $US6.75. . Convert Currency


Nepal Tomorrow: Voices and Visions

Edited by D. B. Gurung

The book is an encyclopedic collection of essays on Nepal written by 39 renown Nepali authors and personalities.

Some of the wide-ranging themes covered include: Nationalism, Ethnicity, Socio-Political Crisis, the History of the Monarchy, the Royal Massacre, Foreign Aid, Corruption, National Security, the Maoist Insurgency , Political Economy, Women, Girl Trafficking, Children, the Plight of the Dalits, the Bhutanese Refugees, the role of the Gurkhas, Agriculture, Environment, Ecotourism, Health, the Ethno-Genetic Diversity of Nepal, Education, Language, Literature, Art, the Intelligentsia and Media, and Lumbini.

"[An] outstanding work" -- Kantipur Online

"[An] intellectual alchemy of Nepal's finest minds" -- D. B. Gurung.

Hardback. 694 pages. B&W photographs, maps and charts.
Weight: 1300 g (45.5 oz).
Item No: N000091352.
Price: $US 45.00. . Convert Currency


The Palace in Nepalese Politics - with Special Reference to the Politics of 1951-1990

by Sanu Bhai Dangol

Paperback. 271 pages. Bibliography.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: N000023801.
Price: $US7.75. . Convert Currency


People, Politics and Ideology: Democracy and Social Change in Nepal

by Martin Hoftun, William Raeper & John Whelpton

This volume presents an account of political developments in Nepal since the ending of the Rana autocracy and the beginning of experiments with democracy. The book also analyzes the differing conceptions of democracy in Nepal and the extend to which democratic principles could actually be put into practice.

Paperback. 425 pages. Bibliography; index.
Item No: N000025000.
Price: $US6.50. . Convert Currency

Political Development in Nepal

by B R Bajracharya, S R Shrma & S R Bakshi

Hardback. 191 pages. Bibliography.
Weight: 320 g (11.2 oz).
Item No: 8170418445.
Price: $US5.95. . Convert Currency


*** Tibet ***

Pema and the Yak: A Journey into Exile

by Siofra O'Donovan

Pema and the Yak is the fascinating story of a journey through the Himalaya along the Indo-Tibetan border into the heart of Tibet in Exile. Encounters with oracles, lamas, ex-political prisoners, Tibetan doctors, DJs, nomads, guerilla fighters, painters, poets, missionaries and Himalayan royalty paint a vibrant picture of Tibetans living in exile today.

"[Pema and the Yak is] everything the armchair traveller with spiritual leanings could hope to read about Tibet in exile. The cover was painted by the author herself." -- O. R. Melling

Siofra O'Donovan was born in Dublin and studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Her first novel, Malinski, was published in Ireland and Poland in 2003.

"Siofra O'Donovan, born in Ireland, is an independent scholar and is currently Writer in Residence in Co.Louth, Ireland. She has a Masters Degree in Indian Religions specializing in Indo-Tibetan studies, from the School of Oriental and African Studies in the University of London. Over the period 1997-2002, she conducted research in the Western Himalaya for the award-winning Pema and the Yak (to be published Pilgrims Books, 2005), a personal, non-fictional account of Tibet in Exile." -- SOAS Alumni Publications 2006

Paperback. 235 pages.B&W drawings.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: 8177694251.
Price: $US4.75. . Convert Currency



Prime Minister Without a Country: An Interview with the Venerable Samdhong Rinpoche

by Daniel B Haber

Prime Minister Without a Country is a precise and candid interview with the Dalai Lama's Prime Minister, Ven. Samdhong Rinpoche. It deals with his approach to his tenure as the first elected Tibetan Prime Minister, albeit for the refugee Tibetan Government-in-Exile, at the Dalai Lama's headquarters in Dharamsala, India. A follower of Mahatma Gandhi and the principles of non-violence (ahimsa), he speaks very candidly about his views on how future relations with China should be developed. He also gives his outspoken views on the future of a Tibetan nation and how an ideal society should be organised.

This is followed by the Rinpoche's article on the principles of Buddhist Governance based on the teachings and examples of the historical Buddha relation to the kings at that time in India, over two and a half millenia ago. Like the other teachings of the Buddha, the instructions on Statecraft are just as valid today in the 21st Century.

The interviewer, Daniel B Haber, is an American expatriate writer and teacher based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has spent many years living in the Indian subcontinent and often writes about Tibetan and Buddhist issues.

Paperback. 102 pages.
Weight: 150 g (5.3 oz).
Item No: 8172232054.
Price: $US2.00. . Convert Currency


Tibet: The Road Ahead

by Dawa Norbu

An analysis of the history of the relationship of China and Tibet. Despite China's claim that Tibet has been a part of China since the 7th Century, Norbu shows that the relationship between the two countries has been symbolic and ceremonial rather than characterised by political domination and that Tibet before 1950 enjoyed complete political freedom.

Against this backdrop, the author analyses recent events and the old and new Tibetan culture and warns of the possible extinction of Tibetan civilisation.

Professor Norbu teaches at Nehru University, New Delhi.

Hardcover. 391 pages. Index.
Weight: 340 g (11.9 oz).
Item No: 8172233612.
Price: $US3.50. . Convert Currency



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