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Sustainability in Mountain Tourism: Perspectives for the Himalayan Countries

by Patricia East, Kurt Luger & Karin Inmann

Behind the myth of Nepal as a hospitable Shangri La is the reality of 300,000 tourists pouring into this little mountain kingdom each year and the environmental and cultural damage that mass tourism brings.
How can tourism in the Himalayan countries make use of nature without causing damage to the fragile ecological balance? How can mountain communities derive genuine benefit from the tourism industry?
In 1998 a conference of 24 Asian and European experts discussed these urgent problems. This book collects together all the lectures given at that conference.

Paperback. 324 pages.
Weight: 495 g (17.3 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-132-0.
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Administrative Training in Developing Countries

by C T Dorji

Hardback. 70 pages. B&W illustrations. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 280 g (9.8 oz).
Item No: 8125905847.
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Agricultural Terracing Development Perspectives

by Ek Raj Ojha

Hardback. 77 pages. Colour illustrations. Bibliography.
Weight: 170 g (6 oz).
Item No: N000004756.
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Bleeding Mountains of Nepal

By Aditya Man Shrestha

A wide-ranging study of corruption, greed, mismanagement and misuse of power and resources in Nepal during the pell-mell developments of the past fifty years.

Divided into six different parts, this book contains 97 chapters each of which revolves around some sort of corruption that bleed Nepal. The situation is examined from the social, economic and geographical perspectives.

The author was the winner of a Mitsubishi Award for Asian Journalism in 1980.

"Wide-ranging study... particularly helpful to those who want to write, study and research on corruption and mismanagement in Nepal" -- The Independent (Kathmandu)

Paperback. 280 pages. B&W illustrations. Bibliography.
Weight: 325 g (11.4 oz).
Item No: 9993319023.
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Building Bridges to the Third World: Memories of Nepal 1950-1992

by Toni Hagen. Translated by Philip Pierce.

Toni Hagen came to Nepal as a geologist and became more interested in the people and their development problems than in rocks. He directed the programme to integrate the Tibetan refugees in Nepal while founding the local carpet-knitting industry. A United Nations development expert, he became uniquely knowledgeable on Nepal. In these exciting memoirs, he portrays Nepal's developing modern conditions and the successes and the failures in this process of change. He tells why he loves Nepal and highlights his concerns about the future of the country.

"Interesting stories and information" - The Independent (Kathmandu).

"Hagen is the Original Trekker who walked tens of thousands of kilometres in Nepal back in the 1950s and introduced the country to the world and to Nepalis themselves.... With his memoir... Hagen brings the reader from 1948 to the present, providing a commentary on Nepal's bikas [development] progress over four decades." - Himal (Kathmandu)

Hardback. 386 pages. B&W photographs.
Weight: 1400 g (49 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-029-4.
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Class, State, and Struggle in Nepal: Writings 1989-1995

by Stephen Lawrence Mikesell

This comprehensive collection of writings on class, struggle and the state in Nepal flows out of the author's commitment to a reflexive, socially engaged anthropology and raises issues widely pertinent to developmental, political and cultural processes in the subcontinent.

Hardback. 326 pages. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 480 g (16.8 oz).
Item No: 8173042675.
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Conflict, Human Rights and Peace Challenges Before Nepal: Rishikesh Shaha Memorial Lectures 2003

Edited by Bipin Adhikari

Nayan Bahadur Khatri, the chairman of Nepal's National Human Rights Commission, stated in 2003: "Nepal has never witnessed such a high level of violations of political and civil rights and breach of international conventions as the country is facing at present." This book explores the theme of human rights violations in Nepal and suggests how this dire situation can be improved.

1. The context of conflict and human rights violations in Nepal some preliminary observations (Bipin Adhikari).
2. Human rights in the nineties lessons from a decade of democratization and development (Anand Aditya).
3. Nature of human rights violations in Nepal notes for further consideration (Sushil Pyakurel).
4. Ethnic and socio cultural dimensions to Maoist insurgency an overview (D.B. Gurung).
5. Attempts for peace between the parties in conflict the lessons of negotiations (Dhruba Kumar).
6. Transformation of conflict in Nepal a human rights perspective (Johan Galtung).
7. Some thoughts on the human rights context in the ongoing conflict in Nepal (Henning Karcher).
8. Reconstruction and reconciliation a way forward for Nepal (Kul Chandra Gautam).
9. The right to development and the duty of states to enforce economic social and cultural rights (Asbjorn Eide).
10. Learning from United Nations human rights fieldwork (Karen Kenny & Patrick Twomey).
11. Conflict and human rights culture challenges before the national human rights commission (Kedar Prasad Poudyal).
12. The conflict and the peace process in Guatemala lessons for Nepal (Niraj Dawadi).
13. The conflict and peace process some lessons from Sri Lanka to Nepal (Laksiri Fernando).
Note on the contributors.

Paperback. 267 pages.
Weight: 700 g (24.5 oz).
Item No: N0000-91-35-9.
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Corporate Governance and Financial Sector Reform in Nepal

By Dr. Tilak Rawal

In 2000 the World Bank argued that the central constraint on the Nepal's development over the last few decades has not been the paucity of resources, but the lack of effective governance and well functioning institutions which can adequately perform the functions which are essential for a coherent economic development process. This book examines the crisis in Nepal's financial institutions which, he argues, need bold pre-emptive measures to avoid insolvency and worse.

Dr Tilak Rawal is the governor of the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

Paperback. 53 pages.
Weight: 200 g (7 oz).
Item No: 99933-825-0-7.
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Decision Making in Village Nepal

by Casper J Miller, SJ

-- How do farmers residing in the hill regions of Nepal make their decisions about planting crops, marrying off their offspring and other everyday affairs?
-- How does a decision made by a single farmer affect national growth and development?
-- How do human relationships at the family level affect the entire ecosystem, which can eventually make or mar the future of the entire country?
This book tries to answer such questions. It is an account of a penetrating investigation into the context, process, nature and technique of decision making among farming families.
Since the majority of Nepalis belong to farming families, understanding the dynamics of such decision making allows development planners and workers to better facilitate people's decisions to participate in local development.
The author, "Cap" Miller, is a Jesuit priest who has lived in Nepal since 1958 and has devoted his life to serving Nepal and its people. He is the author of several books including Faith Healers of the Himalayas (also distributed by Pilgrims Book House).

Paperback. 287 pages. Tables; line map.
Weight: 400 g (14 oz).
Item No: 81-7769-063-9.
Price: $US 8.00.  . Convert Currency


Development Governance: Agenda for Action

by Bishwa Keshar Maskay

The author, Bishwa Keshar Maskay, Ph.D., is Professor of Economics at Tribuhuvan University in Kathmandu.

Paperback. 135 pages. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 200 g (7 oz).
Item No: N000004750.
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Dynamics and Development of Highland Ecosystems

by Ek Raj Ojha

Paperback. 279 pages. Colour photographs. References; glossary
Weight: 660 g (23.1 oz).
Item No: N000006233.
Price $US17.95. . Convert Currency


Environment and Sustainable Development: Issues in Nepalese Perspective

by Madan K. Dahal and Dev R. Dahal

Paperback. 184 pages.
Weight: 280 g (9.8 oz).
Item No: N000006245.
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Essays on Development of Nepal

by Diwaker Chand

This book explores the intricacies of development of Nepal. Although any discussion of development must cover the economic, social  and political factors, and in both their internal and external aspects, this book concentrates on four major concerns which are listed in the Table of Contents (see below)

Table of Contents
-- Nepal at a glance
-- Country profile of Nepal
-- Preface
-- Acronyms used in the book
-- 1. Tourism as lead sector of development
-- 2. Nature, role and function of selected civil societies and NGOs towards development
-- 3. Divergent sectors complementing and supplementing towards development
-- 4. Insurgency and terrorism and deterent factors towards development
-- Glossary
-- Index
-- Select bibliography

Paperback. 291 pages.
Weight: 550 g (19.3 oz).
Item No: N0000-91-41-9.
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Fatalism and Development: Nepal's Struggle for Modernisation

by Dor Bahadur Bista

An analysis of Nepal's society and its failure to develop due to the caste structures, a fatalistic attitude and other factors.

"An often controversial of Nepali society and its dynamics. It has a very good historical introduction, and the author looks especially critically at the role of the caste system." -- Hugh Finlay et al. Nepal (Lonely Planet)

"Insightful analysis of the cultural factors that stand in the way of Nepal's development, by the country's best-known anthropologist." -- David Reed, Nepal (Rough Guides)

"Provocative examination of how caste hierarchy and a fatalistic attitude, among other factors, hamper development in Nepal, by a respected Chhetri anthropologist." -- Kerry Moran, Nepal Handbook (Moon Publications)

Hardback. 190 pages. B&W illustrations. Index.
Weight: 350 g (12.3 oz).
Item No: 8125001883.
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Foreign Aid and Foreign Policy: Major Powers and Nepal

by Narayan Khadka

The most commonly raised question is what motivates the donors for giving aid? This volume is an in-depth study of donors aid motivations in Nepal.

Hardback. 423 pages. Index.
Weight: 840 g (29.4 oz).
Item No: 8125903895.
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Foreign Employment for Women: Challenges and Opportunities

Translated by Nabin Singh

In late 2002 the Acting Prime Minister of Nepal, Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani announced that the government would open foreign job markets to aspirant women workers, doing away with the current conditional access.

"The new Foreign Employment Act, which is at the draft stage currently, will have provisions that provide equal opportunities, like that for men, to women to earn their livelihood abroad," he said.

Nonetheless, he added, the government would scrutinise the job before granting such permission to ensure that their labour, human rights and interests are protected there.

This book is a collection of articles which explores the traditional limitations on foreign employment of Nepali women, the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad, the new government policies, and finally the experience of Nepali women who have worked in foreign countries.

Paperback. 142 pages.
Weight: 350 g (12.3 oz).
Item No: N000091352.
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Human Development Report 2000

Richard Jolly, Principal Coordinator
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Director

This book looks at human rights as an intrinsic part of development--and at
development as a means to realizing human rights. It shows how human rights
bring principles of accountability and social justice to the process of
human development. Gross violations of rights, both loud and silent,
persist. This report explores the new rights agenda for the 21st
century--and proposes bold new approaches to political and economic
governance that deliver social justice.

Paperback. 290 pages. B&W and colour illustrations. Index.
Item No: 0195656075.
Price $US 11.50. . Convert Currency


In the Name of Development: A Reflection on Nepal

by Nanda R. Shrestha

This book focuses on how development victimizes people from different walks of life. Unlike many other books on third world development, this book serves as a voice to the voiceless, the silent victims of development. It highlights real life stories rather than lifeless data as indices of development.

The author passionately attacks the development policies promoted by the US in Nepal. Giving numerous examples from the life stories of individual Nepalese, he shows that both the Nepalese economic winners and losers are victims the development process. Some of the issues highlighted include: the growth of prostitution and Freak Street pot culture, the increasing poverty of the Nepalese poor, and the subordination of Nepalese elites to Westerners.

'If the measure of a book's success is an ability to involve the reader and to arouse emotional reactions, then In The Name of Development: A Reflection on Nepal is successful..' -- Ed Burgess, Former Peace Corps Regional Director.

Nanda R. Shrestha is Associate Professor in the School of Business and Industry at Florida A & M University in Tallahasee, Florida.

Paperback. 231 pages. B&W illustrations.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: 0761807594.
Price: $US 3.50. . Convert Currency


Labour Market Development and Poverty with Focus on Opportunities for Women in Nepal

by Dr. Meena Acharya

144 pages. Paperback.
Item No: N000024215.
Price: $US 4.25.


Naga and Garuda: The Other Side of Development Aid

by Rudolf Hogger

Naga and Garuda are the most prominent figurres appearing on the toranas above Nepali temple doors. They represent two different kinds of spiritual forces within the human being, forces that are contradictory and complementary at the same time. Hogger relates the archetypal symbolism of Naga and Garuda to the practical realities of development co-operation. He illustrates the decisive role that Naga and Garuda forces are playing in local as well as international development work. Meaningful development will always depend on both: the competitive interaction and the complementary unity of our instinctive commitment (Naga) and our detached reflection (Garuda).

Paperback. 309 pages. B&W and colour photos and drawings. Bibliography.
Weight: 640 g (22.4 oz).
Item No: N000020011.
Price: $US 20.00. . Convert Currency


Nepal Human Rights Yearbook

by Mukunda Kattel and Upendra Poudel

Paperback.278 pages.
Weight: 520 g (18.2 oz).
Item No: 9993326003.
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Nepal Myths and Realities: Essays in Commemoration of the 75th Birthday of Dr Wolf Donner

by Ram Thapa & Joachim Baaden, eds.

The 42 articles in this book introduce the reader to the myths and realities, problems and prospects of Nepal. The contributors, who are acknowledged scholars, researchers and public-interest observers from different countries, have in-depth knowledge of Nepal from their own work and experience in the country. Insider knowledge, new research findings, as well as opinions and evaluations of history, status quo and potential future scenarios concerning Nepal, are the focus of this book.
The book was jointly edited by Ram Pratap Thapa and Joachim Basden of Germany for the German-Nepal Friendship Association as a tribute to Dr Wolf Donner on the occasion of his 75th birthday. An economic geographer, dedicated humanitarian and acclaimed expert on Nepal, Dr Donner has for decades sacrificed his private interests for the benefit and development of Nepal. He has been carrying out, with passion and success, his mission of improving the relationship between Nepal and other countries, especially Germany.
This book is intended to serve as a basic source of information for a wide range of readers, including those with a newfound fascination with Nepal and its people, scholars in different disciplines, and generalists. Indeed, to anyone seeking to gain a fairly comprehensive familiarity with Nepal or to gain insights into certain aspects of the country, the book is highly recommended.

Paperback. 617 pages. B&W drawings; table, maps & charts
Weight: 885 g (31 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-089-8.
Price: $US 18.75. . Convert Currency


Nepal's Failed Development: Reflections on the Mission and the Maladies

by Devendra Raj Panday

The book is inspired by social conscience and faith that Nepal need not remain poor and shackled by bad governance.

Paperback. 432 pages. B&W illustrations.
Weight: 630 g (22.1 oz).
Item No: 9993331805.
Price: $US 20.00. . Convert Currency


Nepal's Tourism: Uncensored Facts

by Diwaker Chand

Taking an unprecedented historical approach, author Diwaker Chand presents an uncensored and bona fide examination of tourism -- past, present and future. Interviews with living historians are presented. This book is also a visual record, replete with rare and priceless photographs, which provides not only a portrayal of events and people, and also offers an analysis of every era of Nepal's development.

Nepal's history is rooted in isolationism and exploitation and has been bounded in on every side by the actions of self-interested and autocratic rulers who have lacked an outward-looking political and economic vision.

The visit of the Rana prime ministers to the West and the deployment of Gurkha solderis during the two World Wars marked the opening of Nepal to the Western world. But it was not until the advent of democracy in the late 1950s that led to other major events, which heralded a more "open door" policy to tourism in Nepal.

"The basic premise of tourism in Nepal," the author states, "is delicately built upon the magnificent and famed Himalayas, brave and chivalrous Gurkhas, skilled and distinguished Sherpas, a rich and intriguing cultures and mysterious and magnificent heritage." But what is the present performance of tourism? What is its future? Nepal's Tourism: Uncensored Facts critically examines the myths and realities of this issue and offers an enlightened solution for the 21st century.

The author, who holds post-graduate degrees in both economics and sociology, has had an active interest and role in the development of tourism over the past twenty-five years. A prolific author and dedicated social worker, he at present holds managerial posts in Group 4 Securitas (Nepal), Cross Country Nepal Hotels, Nepal Hyro-Power and Energy Dev. Co., and Mahendra Nagar Medical College and Hospital.

Paperback. 283 pages. B&W photographs.
Weight: 400 g (14 oz).
Item No: 81-7769-078-7.
Price: $US 10.75. ... Convert Currency


The New Lahures: Foreign Employment and Remittance Economy of Nepal

by David Seddon, Jagannath Adhikari & Ganesh Gurung

Many Nepalis work abroad in order to send money back to Nepal and help the family back home. This book studies the importance of labour migration and remittances to the Nepali economy as a whole and to the rural economy in particular. It studies the significances of the remittances at the national, regional, local and household level. Special interest is focused on the effects at the village level and with reference to the situation of the poor.

Paperback. 163 pages. Tables; bibliography.
Kathmandu, Nepal Institute of Development Studies, 2002.
Weight: 250 g (8.8 oz).
Item No: N000032190.
Price: $US 4.25. ... Convert Currency


Non-Governmental Organizations in Development: Search for a New Vision

by Bishwa Keshar Maskay

Paperback. 192 pages. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: N000020460.
Price: $US 6.00. . Convert Currency


Organisation and Finance of International Labour Migration in Nepal

by Simone Wyss

Labour migration to India, the Gulf, the Asian Tiger countries and many other parts of the world is an increasing phenomenon in Nepal, but has been only formally documented in more recent studies. However, the social, political and economic dynamic of migration is still not understood in detail.

Although migration has the potential for remittances and entrepreneurial activities, it raises many important questions: from the reduction of available village labour and the extra responsibilities especially imposed on women, to the ways of sending money earned abroad back to families, from the living conditions in alien environments, and, last but not least, the oscillation between two worlds - the different institutional rules and regulations of the migrants' "home society" and the "society of arrival".

Paperback. 196 pages. Charts.
Weight: 500 g (17.5 oz).
Item No: N000091557.
Price: $US 4.25. . Convert Currency



Planning for Sustainable Development: Urban Management in Nepal and South Asia

by Jibgar Joshi

Paperback. 152 pages. Bibliography.
Weight: 225 g (7.9 oz).
Item No: N000006604.
Price: $US 7.50. . Convert Currency


Rawa Dolu: The Story of a Mountain Village

by Joanne Stephenson

High on a hill above the Likhu River in eastern Nepal sits the village Rawa Dolu, separated from the capital city, Kathmandu, by a one day bus trip followed by three days of walking.
Through personal sketches of several villagers, Rawa Dolu: The Story of a Mountain Village describes the lifestyle and environment of an isolated Nepali village. In recent years this village has gradually transformed itself from an almost hopeless community of people plodding through life, doing their best with the meagre resources available. The story relates how the community has developed into one with high spirits and a firm commitment to the village and the future of the children who live in it.

Paperback. 132 pages. B&W photographs and drawings. Maps.
Weight: 270 g (9.5 oz).
Item No: N000004834.
Price: $US 6.50. . Convert Currency



Rural Development in Nepal: An Alternative Strategy

by Santosh Kumar Bista

Rural development programmes are quite often criticised as an unyielding strategy for rural development, but the author contends that an integrated approach to development has no viable alternative. However, he has developed an alternative strategy for accelerating the process.

Hardback. 145 pages. Bibliography.
Kathmandu, Udaya Books, 2000.
Weight: 340 g (11.9 oz).
Item No: 9993330019.
Price: $US 7.25. . Convert Currency


Social Development and INGOs Activities in Nepal

by Bal Bahadur Swar, Shalik Ram Naupane, Shiva Kumar Basnet

Paperback. 178 pages.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: 9993352802.
Price: $US 6.00.


Social Economy and National Development: Lessons from Nepalese Experience

Edited by Madan K. Dahal and Horst Mund

Paperback.124 pages.
Weight: 190 g (6.7 oz).
Item No: N000020160.
Price: Price: $US 5.00. . Convert Currency


A Study in Nepali Economic History

by Manesh C. Regmi

Hardback. 235 pages. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 480 g (16.8 oz).
Item No: 8187392010.
Price: $US 12.00. . Convert Currency


Thatched Huts and Stucco Palaces: Peasants and Lanlords in 19th Century Nepal

by Mahesh C. Regmi

This book concentrates on relations between the state and the landowning elites on the one hand and peasants on the other, in order to identify those parasitic groups and the form and nature of their share in agricultrual production. The author, Mahesh Regmi, is considered Nepal's foremost scholar.

Hardback. 193 pages. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 400 g (14 oz).
Item No: 818739207X.
Price: $US 9.00. . Convert Currency


Thirty Years in Pokhara: You Must Have Seen a Lot of Changes

by Dorothy Mierow

Nepal casts a spell on those who come to visit and they stay longer and return again and again.
With Machhapuchhare and the Annapurna Range as a background and subtropical flowering trees and picturesque lakes and scenes, the Pokhara Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It also has a diverse population and is rapidly modernising its facilities to be worthy of being the most popular vacation destination in Nepal.
This is the story of its period of greatest development and change as described by an American Peace Force Volunteer who came in the early 60s and stayed to develop a Natural History Museum and assist in the Annapurna Area Conservation Project. Thirty years of life in Nepal by an American who fell in love with Pokhara.

Paperback. 128 pages. Colour and B&W photographs.
Weight: 345 g (12.1 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-075-8.
Price: $US 17.50. . Convert Currency


Tourism and Development

by Ramesh Raj Kunwar

Paperback. 231 pages. Bibliography.
Weight: 280 g (9.8 oz).
Item No: N000020121.
Price: $US 6.00. . Convert Currency


Tourism as Development: Case Studies from the Himalayas

by Pitamber Sharma

The increasing concern with sustainable development in recent years has brought the issue of the economic, and social and cultural development of tourist destination areas, along with concern for the environnment, to the centre stage of the tourism development debate. This orientation has added a critical dimension to the perception of tourism in the Himalaya, namely, that of tourism as a development intervention. For, from the perspective of the people who inhabit this diverse and beautiful region, a very large majority of whom are poor in terms of income and capability, tourism is fundamentally about development.

The case studies presented in this volume represent various types of tourism: trekking, mountaineering, pleasure and sightseeing, wilderness and culture, resort tourism and pilgrimage -- at different ecological belts in the Himalaya. But the studies are not only about tourism. Tourism provides the context for looking at the issues of management of the environment and common property resources, of regional development in a remote region, of urban management in two resort towns, and of maintaining the sanctity of a pilgrimage centre in a unique environment.

The book elucidates the essential inter-relationship of tourism development with various critical aspects of local development and presents the need to take an integrated and inter-sectoral approach to mountain tourism.

Paperback. 179 pages. B&W illustrations.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: 9993313009.
Price: $US 4.75. . Convert Currency


Tourism Scene in Nepal

by Yajna Raj Satyal

Hardback. 149 pages. Bibliography; index.
Weight: 400 g (14 oz).
Item No: 8187392053.
Price: $US 6.75. . Convert Currency


Views and Visions of Non-Governmental Organization

by Diwaker Chand

This volume is a compilation of selected essays on NGOs presented at different national and international forums between from 1991 to 1999.

Paperback. 195 pages. Index.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: N000023656.
Price: $US 6.25. . Convert Currency


Water, Land and Law: Changing Rights to Land and Water in Nepal

by Rajendra Prabha and Franz von Benda-Beckmann

Hardback. 278 pages. Bibliography.
Weight: 760 g (26.6 oz).
Item No: 9993316008.
Price: $US 19.95. . Convert Currency


Water Resources Development of the Mighty Himalayan Rivers: Indus, Ganga-Yamuna, Brahmaputra Rivers

by Surya Nath Bastola

Paperback. 335 pages.
Weight: 465 g (16.3 oz).
Item No: N000005494.
Price: $US 8.50. . Convert Currency


Water Wisdom

Translated by Hari K Chhetri

Water Wisdom is a compilation of thirteen oral testimonies about traditional water use and water management practices in Nepal.

Translated from Nepali (Paniko Purkhyauli Gyan), the stories reflect the concern and worries among the elderly over the discarding of old, tested traditions, particularly as they observe the failure of modern technology and new management methods to cope with growing demands and increasing pollution of waterways.

Paperback. 115 pages. B&W illustrations. Appendix.
Weight: 300 g (10.5 oz).
Item No: N9993330450.
Price: $US 7.25. . Convert Currency


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