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Books on Cooking and Food in Nepal, Tibet
and the Himalayan Region
from Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi, India and Pilgrims Book House, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Famous Vegetarians and their Favorite Recipes: Lives and Lore from Buddha to the Beatles

by Rynn Berry

This book has more than 70 recipes favoured by people like Leonardo Da Vinci, George Bernard Shaw, Mahatma Gandhi, Percy Shelley and even Socrates, Plato, Jesus Christ and the Buddha. More than being a cookbook author, Rynn Berry is a literary detective and scholar adventurer.
Most of the recipes are culled from cookbooks left behind or from the notes of family members or housekeepers. Other recipes were gleaned or carefully recreated from historical accounts.
"Rynn Berry is he Boswell of vegetarianism This is a book that stimulates your brain and your digestion." - From the Preface by Jack Kroll, Senior Editor, Newsweek
"As a non-vegetarian, I read with fascination and ate with gusto." - William A Henry III, Pulitzer Prize winning critic

Paperback. 267 pages. B&W drawings.
Weight: 495 g (17.3 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-047-2.
Price: $US11.00. . Convert Currency



Herb Garden

by Helen Lyman

"Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the earth." -- Genesis 1:30
Helen Lyman presents the history of plants and herbs in a most interesting way. The names of these herbs appear, over and over again, in myths and legends, and as you read this book you will find that they are a cure-all, not only for the ills of the body, but for the mind and heart as well.
This concise book aims to put before the reader in a very lucid language, the simplest way to start and cultivate a herb garden and to acquaint them as precisely as possible with the pleasure of the procedure.
The book opens with a short history of the use of herbs in different parts of the world. The the author gives a working list of 30 basic herbs with information on the use of each and then a chapter with detailed instructions on setting up a herb garden. This is followed by a short digression of herbs in the plays of Shakespeare. Finally a sample meal menu using the 30 herbs recommended is given.
This small classic was originally published in the US in 1934 under the title 30 Herbs Will Make an Herb Garden. It has been out-of-print for many years and -- until this Pilgrims reprint edition -- has been very difficult to obtain.
"Authentic and brilliant" -- C K Soma

Paperback. 38 pages.
Weight: 40 g (1.4 oz).
Item No: 81-7769-025-6.
Price: $US 0.95. . Convert Currency


Hunting for Honey: Adventures with the Rajis of Nepal

by Eric Valli

In the plain of the Ganges in souther Nepal, Eric Valli has discovered the existence of a fascinating nomadic tribe living in perfect harmony with nature. Known as the 'bee people', the Rajis survive by harvesting wild honey and by fishing; a way of life that seems to have remained unchanged for centuries.

In a forest where the overwhelming sound is the humming of bees, they collect wild honey from immense hives perched high in gigantic trees. The honey is a source of food, but also a healing substance for wounds, and a valuable commodity that can be sold to the other inhabitants of the plain.

Using smoking fires to drive out and subdue the bees, men, women and children work together to collect the honeycombs. They take care to leave the hives intact, so that the bees will return year after year, and their supply of honey can be replenished.

Eric Valli has done just that, following this wandering tribe who live surrounded by the perils and dangers of nature and who seek protection from the gods of the trees, rocks and rivers. The immense forest that once covered this part of Nepal is disappearing, and the future of this endearing people is very much in jeopardy.

Through the striking beauty of the photographs and the author's moving commentary, the simple but magical lives of the honey hunters, the simple but magical lives of the honey hunters, now threatened by the destruction of their environment are vividly brought to life.

"Spectacular photos of the Gurung men who retrieve honey from cliff-side hives whilst dangling from rope ladders." -- Kerry Moran, Nepal Handbook (Moon Publications)

Hardcover. 75 pages. Colour and B&W photographs (120 colour photos and diagrams).
Weight: 630 g (22.1 oz).
Item No: 0-500-0190-X.
Price: $US44.95. . Convert Currency



Joys of Nepalese Cooking

by Indra Majupuria

This book presents 350 great recipes from Nepal -- a really comprehensive treatment of Nepali cuisine. In addition, it aims to present each recipe in a clear and practical manner through step-by-step instructions accompanied by many drawings and photographs.

The recipes for this edition have been re-tested and given a thorough revision. 21 new recipes have also been added.

"[This book] not only gives very good recipes but also the cultural value of Nepalese food." -- Mrs. Sally Stoddard, Nebraska, USA

Paperback. 399 pages.  Color & line drawings.
Weight: 500 g (17.5 oz).
Item No: 974-7315031-9.
Price: $US7.50. . Convert Currency


Nepalese Cookery

by Hind Vaidya

The delicious home cooking recipes in this book are drawn from all parts of Nepal. The recipes are easy to follow and can be prepared in any Asian or Western kitchen.

Paperback. 198 pages.
Weight: 450 g (15.8 oz).
Item No: N000005961.
Price: $US4.75.. Convert Currency


Nepalese Vegetarian and Health Food Recipes

by Angela Dietrich

A unique blend of the northern Tibeto-Monglian cuisine with the southern more Indianised cookery, Nepali dishes are characterised by the wholesomeness of the food. Nepal boasts some of the hardiest and strongest people in the world and a crucial factor in this is their healthy diet, especially finger millet, barley or rice, and dal-bhat.
This book features 40 recipes drawn from all the various ethnic areas of Nepal. The recipes are arranged in three sections ­ Appetisers, Main Courses and Desserts ­ and are slightly modified to conform to health food principles. A fascinating introduction is appended on food preparation and use and the religious and medical aspects of food in Nepali society.
An inspiring book on an unfamiliar but refreshingly different cuisine!

Click here for a tasty recipe from Nepalese Vegetarian and Health Food Recipes

Paperback. 62 pages. Colour photographs; B&W drawings.
Weight: 250 g (8.8 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-061-8.
Price: $US 2.50. . Convert Currency



Pocket Guide to Good Food

by Margaret M Wittenberg

Pocket Guide to Good Food addresses the myriad choices confronting food shoppers today. Ideal as a companion to Wittenberg's Good Food: The Complete Guide to Eating Well, this compact book is filled with indispensable information about diet and nutrition, food storage and menu planning according to the new food-pyramid guidelines. Pocket Guide to Good Food will help you make the right choices for all your health and food budget concerns:
-- Clear explanation of often-confusing nutritional terms and concepts
-- Food buying, storing and cooking information
-- Lists of food additives to avoid
-- Facts about healthy alternatives
The author, Margaret Wittenberg, is a nationally recognised lecturer, researcher, writer, cooking teacher and consultant with more than twenty years' experience promoting good food and optimum health.

Paperback. 157 pages. Pilgrims Pocket Series edition (authorised for sale in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal).
Weight: 120 g (4.2 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-245-9.
Price: $US 3.00. . Convert Currency


Pocket Guide to Macrobiotics

by Carl Ferré

Here are a few of the benefits of a macrobiotics regimen:
-- Less fatigue
-- Relief from pains and illness
-- Renewed enjoyment of food
-- More fulfilling sex life
-- Better sleep
-- Improved memory and clearer thinking
-- Freedom from anger and fear
-- Greater control over your own destiny
The author, Carl Ferré, has been studying, practicing and teaching macrobiotic thinking and lifestyle for more than twenty-two years. As general manager of the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, Carl has counselled thousands of people on how macrobiotic living can benefit their lives. He lives in Paradise, California, with his wife, Julia, and their four healthy boys -- all macrobiotic since before their birth.

Paperback. 126 pages. Tables. Pilgrims Pocket Series edition (authorised for sale in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal).
Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz).
Item No: 81-7303-241-6.
Price: $US 3.00. . Convert Currency


To Think of Tea

by Agnes Repplier

"Thank God for tea! What would the world be like without tea? How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea," is a quote from Sydney Smith, a jolly philosopher and political writer.

To Think of Tea is a novel book written by Agnes Repplier in 1932, at a time when great social changes were developing. It is a delightful resume of philosophers, poets, society figures and artists from the upper levels of British society, and how tea formed a significant part of their leisurely discourses.

So drink on this purveyor of the finest anecdotes; it is always time for tea.

Paperback. 208 pages.
Weight: 250 g (8.8 oz).
Item No: 8177693476.
Price: $US 4.00. . Convert Currency


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